Seized by Loved Mother

1. I´m Searching For Shine of Stars...
2. Seized by Loved Mother
3. Oneself To Sway
4. Carrion Abused by Brute (Faith by Human Made)
5. The Grave of My Heart
6. In My Dreams
7. The Tears of Skies
8. Human, the Doom of Mankind
9. Way To the Sun

I´m Searching For Shine of Stars

So dark night like never
Mirrors in my eyes
But won't get my favour
I'm searching for shine of stars...

Beautiful sky
That speaks to me
Like thrilling touch
Sweet of your lips

The freezing moon
Gem of beauty
In the veil of your darkness
Which drifts me to dream...

There, where is your fire
Which makes in my eyes
The darkness of heaven
So beautiful... there are the stars

Where is the life in your face
Where is the shine?
There, where is the blaze of your grace
It's my life...

Lyrics: Insun, Wraith
Music: Basker


Seized by Loved Mother R.: Forest when winter dies Comes back to life Water melts, ice leaves I feel my time is here I'm coming in this place Every year in these days Find from crowds disengage I feel there hidden magic Listen to the trees Float through compact mist Lost in the woods ... deep Where I find place from dreams Fame to my heartflame to this real place Where I spend days... released I want to die, where light pervades Amongst the trunks...decease Cry... eyes of wolves will bright Their howls roose the night Food will be flesh... my flesh... I'm dying My corpse stays laying where moonlight shines Through deep dark night... ages I become new life in shape of wraith In the star's light... rising... life My child, welcome to my arms Gift, which you govern is... It´s what you were, but I'm not your hidden fear You can finally fly... R.: In scent of days I'm so pure From wind I Feel something new Here is the heart of space You came to me And I knew What's to be free My breath is your wind of morning haze Breeze of pleasures... hidden face Of night, where I'm dying for you For being seized by loved mother! Lyrics: Insun, Wraith, Bast Music: Insun, Basker

Oneself To Sway Love and hate Entire parts of my heart I Reflect why torn apart Love is the emotion that failed No salvation Hate mastered the whole World in my soul Unnamed feelings relieve My life's misery Was not eternal the one... The treasure That seemed to be aim Of my life Transient extasy for which I would fight R.: Human being's imperfect stereotype Makes bodies die... poor souls cry Notions fall down in my rotten interior Where the paradise... inside is borned What's no real rescue for me? Death or suicide... My own inside world here to see... How to decide? That first one is final... Oneself to sway Hate... part of my fate Death avoids my head To bright so dark ebony night Where I want to find Your lips in my raped mind And forever hide So much destructive cry That will together with lie Early, finally die... maybe die R.: Lyrics: Insun, Ivy Music: Insun, Basker

Carrion Abused by Brute (Faith by Human Made) R.: Prospect feeling Under the roof of god So much faith in the name of Jesus Forfeit meaning Violate roots of life For place in paradise keenness Search truth in the scripture Cheerful book of fictions Under crucifix... kneel down Carrion nailed by spikes Incline before churchman The end or rhyme closed by amen In the end of fairytale comes blessing Confession booth mends sins R.: Temples of god sacred By human arms were built (Where the stench of requests Of human faces) Sheaf of holy bible By human hand written (Where the lie in words Of human mouth) Christianity isn't real Only the weak soul's meal (I see the black flame Black like the lies of their Bible) Fairytale so much abused By filthy human brute (... And the weak ones Burns in the fire of days) R.: Lyrics: Insun, Wraith Music: Insun, Basker

The Grave of My Heart The grave of my heart The blood of my veins Your eyes...the sun in this way You went away...and sun goes out In this hell! Lyrics: Insun Music: Basker

In My Dreams Touch me my love like grey shadows Your lips, your breath is for me wine Of midnight skies It's coming... your naked outline Awake the dreams... passion of my night I'm still expecting your hands Their touch... I find the last sense In the deep night full of dreams Of your face in white mist You're coming to my sleep... To tame so hungry night She's slowly getting damp... your sweet... Somewhere in the dream of my life R.: Maybe never see your eyes for me So sensual and deep, before your kiss retreat A woman in my sleep A love in my head Tender kiss in my dream The sense of my fate is dead... Why? Why to cry? When your short breath of life Is in my heart... dreams In pleasure and bitter tears Why? Why cease to dream? When you're always coming In the shape of glowing flames You, my dead bride... my dark fate R.: Lyrics: Insun, Music: Insun, Basker

The Tears of Skies Lightnings, thunders fall from The skies, my lady, you are Beginning to cry, your skin Is slowly getting damp Tears are falling through Cold of this dark day Rain is drenching my tired face Charming form of morning dipped In haze, replaces the storm The wrath changes her sorrow Like the birth and the death In raindrops Of raging storm Rain is moisture of plants and trees Water is hurtling like wild beast Floods out the beings of this land Raindrops which are carrying the end Your soul is a sadness Hides behind so pure well of tears of skies R.: The tears, so sweet and so bitter Like a day lost in the night Where through deep pool Roots of trees feed their trunks You body is a grace Of midnight moon and of morning haze R.: Lightnings, thunders now leave the sky My lady, at least you're ceasing cry Your skin is slowly scooping breath New life replaces the bygone death Lyrics: Insun, Wraith Music: Basker, Insun

Human, the Doom of Mankind The hands which are devouring your power The eyes for which you start to love Open your heart, we can't over the truth fly Together wake up or your soul will die... R.: Great flood of sense ... exciting dance Grave... temporal... inner fear Power of my core prevails over infirnity Just attraction of her for time breaks my reality Never retreat forever my creed It will be in my mind human, the doom of mankind My life in this vitless sheep's Herd wane their fight Their extinction my kind begins Where their line Doesn't come... feeble nation Heart of my world strikes fame True unsoilure, burning flame In haze... blaze! Where civilization has no place Creation of mankind dies R.: I see the shine in distance The sorow and cry I let go their hands I see the sun, my blood is my way For stars in your eyes For love to you, princess Lyrics: Insun, Wraith, Bast Music: Basker, Insun

Way To the Sun No Lyrics Music: Basker